Sunday, August 2, 2009

More Chronopia Figures

I just finished up a few more Chronopia figures. Another 8 are qued up on my paint table. There are a few slingers, warriors and 2 groups of Blade maidens left. Once I work through these I will switch gears for the Modern jets I have. They should prove easy to paint. For those who did not spot the previous conversion I removed the Wyrd's antlers and placed them on the Spearman. The Wyrd is the kneeling guy with the stag antler standard.

I have not painted or flocked their bases as I will be rebasing them with 30mm round lipped bases so these ones are only for painting. I want to order some Black Scorpion and Reaper Western figures to get that realm back on track but right now I have plenty of stuff to paint and convert.

The guy with the double bladed axe is also a conversion.



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