Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Iglesia de Cerro Grande

Just made some modifications to my Church. I removed the deformed top and replaced it with a better dome. I was lucky enough to find a discarded plastic Easter egg. What I did was drill a hole in the top where the cross would be fitted eventually. I then covered the egg half with masking tape and three coats of spackle. Once the spackle was dry enough I sanded down the high spots and found I need to drill the hole larger. The cross is made from 1/4" balsa and notched on either side. I also used a pencil sharpener to round out the bottom so it would fit snugly into the egg. Once everything was glued in place I primed black and repainted this piece. I decided to change the color of the cross so it would stand out. As you can see in the second picture the top is removed and reveals a dice tower. I just need to buy a bell to go into the tower and this will be all set.




Christopher said...

I'd definitely check out craft stores for that bell.

Nice work.

Chris Gallant

David Kufner said...

Hey, Chris I didn't even notice anyone was making comments. They have some cheap ones on Ebay as resources here suck.

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