Monday, April 13, 2009

Cossaks done!

I have finished my Cossacks. Well mostly, I am missing like one but maybe I will find one on ebay some day but they are pretty much finished and based. I have also finished a couple of Strelkovy platoons only Seven more to go to have a full strength Strelkovy Horde. Try and pin my Russians lol. I must also remember to have sufficient amount of Commisars.

These figs are FOW as are the rest of my Soviets. I will retake the pics of the platoon and dead markers as well as my scratch built Objective marker/HQ.

I have several stands of mgs and mortars on the paint table but am going on vacation this week so probably wont get to them till May. Enjoy


Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Hordes are a comin'

I painted these figs a while ago but wanted to share them anyways. They are the Hordes figures from the main box set. I want to get some more of these puppies lol. I don't paint eyes as they all turn out cock eyed and it doesn't really add that much for me. I did add a few things like the fallen stone on one doggie base and I added the dragon's head to the giant wolf's hand.


My Warcaster


Doggie 1


Doggie 2


Big Doggie
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