Saturday, January 31, 2009

New commers to Cerro Grande

Some foreign folk have arrived at Cerro Grande and are amidst construction of their new business. Here tell it's gonna be a laundry and restaurant. You kin keep lookin here fer some fotographs when they finish.

Unfortunately the RC store that carries the balsa would was out when I went so the building has three walls and no roof. I'm going to see if I can cobble together a fourth wall with the off cuts that I have. Gotta love Elmers PVA glue.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Cerro Grande gets a Livery Stable

Howdy y'all. I just got finished with the Stable last night after adding signage and trim paint. I want to add a cross arm, pulley, and rope for the hay loft. I may also put together some hay bails, loose wheels and other bits for stuff just laying around. Good hiding places for gunmen.


This build used a ton of balsa as it was like building conjoined houses. At first I was a bit dismayed. I had initially just eyeballed a cut using visual estimating. As I sat and stared at the cut I wasn't all too happy with the estimation. I went back to the drawing board, literally.

I used the template from the old Foundry file which I believe is available in their RWNN. I find that their buildings are too small for me and my 28-30mm figures so I end up upscaling everything. Once I measured their drawing I made my own just bigger and once I was happy with that I went to town on the balsa. I also made the mistake of gluing the walls together before finishing all the doors.

This mistake affected the build since the wood broke in once place, easy repair, and in another when I did finally mount the door it was off kilter. I also tried something new by using more cereal card I made cross members for all the doors. I glued them on with the printed side out.

The longest part to the build was cutting the strip shingles but I was watching a movie, well more like listening to it.

What's next for the town? I need to order some minis. I plan on adding a gun shop, a chinese restaurant or laundry, an adobe house, out house and some other bits.

Monday, January 19, 2009

New Building for Cerro Grande

It's been a while since I posted, I was on Christmas holiday, however I am still working on things. I have my Livery Stable well underway. I just need to paint it and add a few knick nacks. I will update this post when I get it finished and take some fotos.
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