Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Chronopia: War in the Eternal Realm

Hey y'all. I know what you are thinking, "Why would you bother with an Out of Production (OOP) game system?" The system may be OOP but the support is still around via a PHP forum for Excelsior Entertainment. There is also an annual wargame convention for both Chronopia & Warzone. I put together a Sons of Kronos Chariot for a contest at said website. I was originally looking just for some blade maidens to spice up my Hordes army as blood trackers but found a good deal on ebay. This is the first of the bunch that I won. I will be painting up the rest in anticipation of next years gaming convention.


Chariot with different rider with an adjusted pose. The chariot is missing the scythes, I'll probably correct that later. I also want to replace the horses with a Hordes Argus (read big dog) so it will be more like Cuculhain's chariot.


First of three foot troops painted.


Just finished Aonbarr Horse Warrior

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