Friday, July 8, 2011

Viking House

I have recently finished my first Viking house. I used a technique from one of the many miniature bloggers. I tried using cereal box cardboard to mount craft popsicle sticks but found this is too flexible. I am now building a great hall using the sticks again but mounted on corrugated cardboard. I used the teddy bear fur technique for the roof and I like how it came out. I first painted PVA glue on the fur to get it in the right shape. I then spray painted the whole thing a dark brown and followed up by dry brushing to layers of lighter brown. Let me know what you think.



Paul of the Man Cave said...

Having m,ade a house just this recently, I appreciate the little bits in there like the different sized planking and distressed effects. I too like teddy bear fur for thatching.

My only constructive comment would be that the roof eave overhangs appear a bit long, but thats just me.

Good luck with the rest of the village!

Rodger said...

Great looking building. The teddy bear fur has worked a treat.

Paul´s Bods said...

I wonder if the "Teddy bear fur technique" will end up as popular a phrase as say "dry brushing" or "blacklining" ? :-D
Looks Paul has said the overhang looks a bit big but you could put a woodpile or stores under it.

Captain Richard's miniature Civil War said...

Great job...nice shade of brown

David Kufner said...

Thanks for the Kudos everyone. I made the eaves overhang slightly longer. Heck even the sheep need to get in out of the rain :).

I will take Pauls advice and make some storables for under the eaves. I guess I need to find some sheep too.

In order to make this technique a household name I have taken out a copywright on the word Teddybearing. ie "I was teddybearing a few models just yesterday."

Ray Rousell said...

Great teddybearing effects!!!

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