Sunday, March 20, 2011

Gladiator Arena

After watching Starz' Spartacus Blood & Sand as well as gods of the Arena. I was inspired to create a gladiator arena based on the Capuan arena from the series. As you can see this is not an exact copy as I made the arena more linear were in the show it is more of a mish mash of buildings. I will be adding curtains to the back of the viewing platform and I need to add seats for the spectators. I will be making some minor modifications to the model as time permits. I made the interior cell door movable and am happy with that result. The whole model is based on a large piece of plexiglass and flocked with sand.

I was able to use the Arena at HeroDaDogs' place to try out 2 hour wargames Blue Sky and Red Sand Gladiator rules.

You can see some more photos on HeroDaDog's blog.



Dan said...

Looks good. I like the blood splatter on the wall.

David Kufner said...

Dan, Thanks. I tried to make it as bloody as the one in the show.

wardy-la said...

Really nice work!

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