Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Cantina built for Cerro Grande

Just finished my third adobe structure, and this time it is Rosa's Cantina y Mercado (Bar & Store). I'm happy how it turned out as I tried something new. For the roof I took one part of a cardboard box and soaked it till the backing was saturated. Once it was like this I pealed on of the layers off and revealed the corrugated side. I was going to do this to both sides but found it would not work as it simply deformed the remaining corrugation so it lost it's form. I wanted to cut it into strips and layer it but I think it looks ok as is.

I also tried a slightly different technique with the wooden doors and brick work by adding a layer of brown ink on top to try and bring out the grain/bricks.

I will be making a smaller Casita to go into the Texican side of town.


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