Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Sheriff's new friend

Weeel looky here we gots us a hangin contraption. Be on the look out all ye ne'er do wells and other lowly criminal types. The town gallows has been built and is ready for use noose and all.

This actaully ended up being slightly more complicated than I had expected. I kept changing the heights for the legs as well as the gallows supports so it would look right. I might fashion a handle for the trap door. I was going to etch both sides of the structure but have found that doing so really weakens the balsa. I will need to make a stairs for it. I was trying to cut some stringers but the way the grain was they kept breaking.

I made the noose out of cooking string and painted it the same color as my WWII russians. I was surprised that I was actually able to tie a noose with this string and I think it looks right. I will use this string as a bell pull for my church as well. I used a clove hitch knot to secure it place on the cross member and support beam as well.


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