Monday, December 1, 2008

Sheriffs Office

I was able to finish my Sheriffs Office today. It was a rather easy build as compared to the other buildings. I kept it a more simple place four walls and a flat roof. I used my wall templates like normal but I just made the front wall one inch taller than the back wall.

For the sloping side walls I just started with the height of the front wall and drew a line to the height of the back wall. Pretty simple eh? Unfortunately I broke off the tip of one of the side walls but that ended up not being a real problem as I just reattached it with pva glue and finished trimming it.

I also wanted to give it a different look than the rest of the town buildings so I scribed parts of the side and rear walls to resemble brick work. I then coated these walls with light weight spakle leaving the brick work exposed. This way it looks like part of the stucco came off to expose it.

I used round tooth picks for the window bars for the back of the jail. For the roof i used more card stock for a plain style roof. When I painted this, I primed black as usual and then painted the brick work and bars first. I put 3 coats of white for the stucco and dry brushed a little white on the bricks so they would stand out. I again painted over the printed Sheriff and glued this onto more card stock before attaching to the building. Finally cut out and glued on wanted posters.

Fairly easy project that only took a couple days.


Front of the Sheriffs Office.


Criminals side.

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